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“Sold these discount cards to our Little League. EVERY parent bought one! We made over $40,000 on opening day alone with these cards! AWESOME!”

Stephanie , Paloma Valley

“We have been using Custom Card Promotions for 4 years now. Each year, we double our previous order.

This is the best fundraiser we have ever held.”

Chad in Encinitas

“Best fundraiser we hold each year for our school. Our parents look forward to it and come back as Alumni to purchase these cards.”

Tracy , Carlsbad

“Our team was able to raise enough money to purchase new uniforms, matching equipment bags and be able to offer 3 full scholarships!”

Carol , From Indiana

“I was able to be the top fundraiser for my group raising $7,500 myself!  The cards are so easy to sell and everyone wanted one! Some even purchased 2!”

Tracy from Atlanta

“I love that I can help our small community raise so much money for my son’s school all while supporting mom & pop small businesses!”

Marilyn from New Hampshire

“These cards practically sell themselves! I have people asking when the next card is coming out because theirs is about to expire.”

Linda from Hemet

The best part is your organization makes money and the buyers of the discount card fundraiser save money.

  • Carrillo Elementary School- 100% profit because they secured a sponsor. $30,000 profit!!!

  • King’s Baseball Team- Raised $9,225

  • St. Francis of Assisi School- Raised $5,000

  • Phoenix Learning Centers- Raised $45,450

  • Oceanside Breakers Soccer Team- Raised $5,000

  • Susan G. Koman 3 day team walkers- Raised OVER $150,000!

  • Leukemia Society Walkers- Raised OVER $124,000!

  • Agua Hedionda- Raised $5,000

  • Carlsbad Dance team at Carlsbad High School –  Raised $14,000

  • Donor Nation- Raised $22,426

  • Pacific Rim Elementary School –   Raised $3,000 (6 years in a row)

  • Mason and Sandburg Elementary Schools each Raised $12,450

  • Encinitas Express Soccer Club Raised  $90,000! (over the years we have been involved)

  • Costa Mesa High School – Raised  $87,000

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